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SV Tasmania Berlin
SV Tasmania Berlin logo.png
Full nameSV Tasmania Berlin e.V.
Founded3 February 1973
ChairmanDetlef Wilde
TrainerTim Jauer
LeagueNOFV-Oberliga Nord (V)
2018–19Berlin-Liga, 1st (promoted)

SV Tasmania Berlin is a German football club based in Berlin-Neukölln, Germany, currently playing in the NOFV-Oberliga Nord (V).


Tasmania's predecessor club, SC Tasmania 1900 Berlin, was already financially insecure in the early 1970s, and so the amateur and youth players of the team decided to establish their own club on 3 February 1973, which they named SV Tasmania 73 Neukölln. Later that year, the former Bundesliga club Tasmania 1900 was declared bankrupt and was disbanded. Many club officials and players followed suit to support the new team in Neukölln.

Tasmania 73 played the 1997–98 and 1998–99 seasons in the then fourth tier NOFV-Oberliga Nord. In December 2000, the club was renamed SV Tasmania-Gropiusstadt 1973.[1] 2007–08 saw Tasmania-Gropiusstadt play in the Berlin-Liga (V). Following a league restructure and two relegations in succession, the club played the 2009–10 season in the 8th tier Bezirksliga Berlin Staffel 3 before finishing second and gaining promotion to the Landesliga Berlin Staffel 2 (VII) for the 2010–11 season. In 2011, the club was renamed SV Tasmania Berlin. After finishing first in the 2011–12 Landesliga season the club was promoted once again to the Berlin-Liga. Tasmania won the 2018–2019 season and was promoted to the fifth-tier NOFV-Oberliga for the 2019–2020 season.


Tasmania's home matches are played at the 3,000-capacity Werner-Seelenbinder-Sportpark in Berlin-Neukölln, directly next to the site of the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport.

Current squad[edit]

As of 5 August 2019

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Germany GK Pascal Malletzkz
2 Germany DF Kenan Günaydin
5 Turkey DF Mehmed Okan Kirli
6 Germany DF Maurice Froelian
7 Germany MF Nicola Thiele
8 Germany MF Martin Gorrie
9 Germany MF Felix Robrecht
10 Turkey MF Emre Demir
11 Germany FW Romario Hartwig
13 Germany FW Balla Keïta
15 Germany MF Ali Ahmad
16 Germany DF Maxim Matusczyk
17 Germany DF Lucas Bähr
19 Germany DF Dylan Halbig
No. Position Player
20 Germany FW René Robben
21 Germany GK Tim Ehrenberg
22 Germany GK Robert Schelenz
23 Germany MF Fabio Engelhardt
24 Germany MF Panagiotis Haritos
25 Germany GK Ünal Koçak
26 Germany DF Julian Loder
27 Germany MF Benjamin Tutić
30 Germany DF Çihat Birol
33 Germany MF Ali Baker
Germany DF Çağlar Polat
Germany FW Merdan Baba

League positions since 1978[edit]

Year Division (Tier) Position
1978–1979 Landesliga Berlin (IV) 5th
1979–1980 Landesliga Berlin (IV) 6th
1980–1981 Landesliga Berlin (IV) Promoted to the Oberliga Berlin 2nd
1981–1982 Amateur-Oberliga Berlin (III) 9th
1982–1983 Amateur-Oberliga Berlin (III) 14th
1983–1984 Amateur-Oberliga Berlin (III) 13th
1984–1985 Amateur-Oberliga Berlin (III) 7th
1985–1986 Amateur-Oberliga Berlin (III) 8th
1986–1987 Amateur-Oberliga Berlin (III) 3rd
1987–1988 Amateur-Oberliga Berlin (III) 6th
1988–1989 Amateur-Oberliga Berlin (III) 9th
1989–1990 Amateur-Oberliga Berlin (III) 10th
1990–1991 Amateur-Oberliga Berlin (III) Relegated to the Landesliga Berlin 16th
1991–1992 Landesliga Berlin (IV) 3rd
Year Division (Tier) Position
1992–1993 Verbandsliga Berlin (IV) 5th
1993–1994 Verbandsliga Berlin (IV) Relegated to the Landesliga Berlin 18th
1994–1995 Landesliga Berlin (VI) 8th
1995–1996 Landesliga Berlin (VI) Promoted to the Verbandsliga Berlin 2nd
1996–1997 Verbandsliga Berlin (V) Promoted to the Oberliga Nordost 1st
1997–1998 Oberliga Nord (IV) 6th
1998–1999 Oberliga Nord (IV) Relegated to the Verbandsliga Berlin 16th
1999–2000 Verbandsliga Berlin (V) Relegated to the Landesliga Berlin 19th
2000–2001 Landesliga Berlin (VI) 12th
2001–2002 Landesliga Berlin (VI) Promoted to the Verbandsliga Berlin 2nd
2002–2003 Verbandsliga Berlin (V) 2nd
2003–2004 Verbandsliga Berlin (V) 2nd
2004–2005 Verbandsliga Berlin (V) 10th
2005–2006 Verbandsliga Berlin (V) 2nd
Year Division (Tier) Position
2006–2007 Verbandsliga Berlin (V) 2nd
2007–2008 Verbandsliga Berlin (V) Relegated to the Landesliga Berlin 18th
2008–2009 Landesliga Berlin (VII) Relegated to the Bezirksliga Berlin 15th
2009–2010 Bezirksliga Berlin (VIII) Promoted to the Landesliga Berlin 2nd
2010–2011 Landesliga Berlin (VII) 4th
2011–2012 Landesliga Berlin (VII) Promoted to the Berlin-Liga 1st
2012–2013 Berlin-Liga (VI) 15th
2013–2014 Berlin-Liga (VI) 2nd
2014–2015 Berlin-Liga (VI) 3rd
2015–2016 Berlin-Liga (VI) 4th
2016–2017 Berlin-Liga (VI) 4th
2017–2018 Berlin-Liga (VI) 8th
2018–2019 Berlin-Liga (VI) Promoted to the NOFV-Oberliga 1st
2019–2020 NOFV-Oberliga Nord (V)  -


The club's honours:


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