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Exoplanet Comparison SWEEPS-11 b.png
Size comparison of SWEEPS-11 with Jupiter.
Parent star
Star SWEEPS J175902.67−291153.5
Constellation Sagittarius
Right ascension (α) 17h 59m 02.67s
Declination (δ) −29° 11′ 53.5″
Apparent magnitude (mV) 19.83
Distance 22000 ly
(6600 pc)
Orbital elements
Semi-major axis (a) 0.03 AU
Orbital period (P) 1.796 d
Inclination (i) >84°
Physical characteristics
Mass (m) 9.7±5.6 MJ
Radius (r) 1.13±0.21 RJ
Discovery information
Discovery date October 4, 2006
Discoverer(s) Sahu et al.
Discovery method Transit
Discovery status Confirmed

SWEEPS-11 is an extrasolar planet orbiting the star SWEEPS J175902.67−291153.5 in the constellation Sagittarius, approximately 27,710 light years away from the Solar System (based on a distance modulus of 14.1), making it (along with SWEEPS-04) the most distant exoplanet(s) known.[1] This planet was found in 2006 by the Sagittarius Window Eclipsing Extrasolar Planet Search (SWEEPS) program that uses the transit method.

This hot Jupiter has a mass 9.7 times that of Jupiter and a radius of 1.13 times that of Jupiter. The planet orbits at about 1.75 times closer to the star than 51 Pegasi b is to 51 Pegasi, taking only 1.8 days or 43 hours to revolve around the star.

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Coordinates: Sky map 17h 59m 02.67s, −29° 11′ 53.5″