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SWF2EXE is a type of computer software which enables the creation of executable files from SWF files.

SWF files were originally designed for use in a web browser and required the Flash plugin to be installed for the browser it is running on. However SWF files can be played outside of a web browser using the Adobe Flash Player, provided that the user has the Flash Player installed. The Adobe Flash Player provides an option to wrap the SWF file into a standalone executable which does not require the Flash Player to be installed for it to run successfully. This can be done by running the Flash projector, and in the File menu select 'Create projector'. Using this description, the Flash Player can be thought of as an SWF2EXE program.

Since the option to create standalone projectors (or self-executing Flash movies) from Flash was introduced, there have been several SWF2EXE programs, available commercially and as freeware, which claim to be able to create standalone executables from SWF files and at the same time extend the functionality of Flash. For example, these programs offer access to the file system to save to a file - something which cannot be done with Flash alone.


Computer program Producer Platform License
Screenweaver OS[1] OSFlash Windows Open-source
Jugglor[2] Flash Jester Windows Proprietary commercial software
mProjector[3] ScreenTime Media Windows and Mac Proprietary commercial software
SWFKit[4] TopCMM Technologies Windows Proprietary commercial software
SWFKit Online[5] TopCMM Technologies Web application Proprietary commercial software
SWF Studio[6] Northcode Inc Windows Proprietary commercial software
Zinc 3.0[7] Multidmedia Limited Windows, Mac and Linux Proprietary commercial software
Flash X-Tractor[8] Tembo Windows Freeware
SWF to EXE converter[9]   Web Application Freeware


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