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Original author(s) Eric Prud'hommeaux
Development status Active
Written in C++, Yacc[1]
Operating system Cross-platform
Size 7.2 MB (Windows)
17.2 MB (Mac OS X)
8.7 MB (Linux)
(all archived)
Available in English
Type Semantic Web database
Ontology Transformation
License APL/MIT License[citation needed]
Website sourceforge wiki

SWObjects is a free and open source Semantic Web toolkit for query transformation.


Ontology Projection[edit]

Given a rule R12 translating from ontology1 to ontology2, a query phrased in terms of ontology2 can be transformed to work on ontology1. The result of this is you have no need to materialize ontology transformations, merely declare them by rule.

Rule styles[edit]

d2r uses RDF expressions associating RDF predicates to relational tables/attributes. SWObjects uses SPARQL CONSTRUCT rules.



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