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SW Radio Africa
City London
Broadcast area United Kingdom
Slogan The Independent Voice of Zimbabwe
Frequency 4880kHz Short Wave
Format Talk radio
Webcast Archives
Website Official Site

SW Radio Africa was an independent Zimbabwe radio station that broadcast from London, England, from 19 December 2001 to 10 August 2014. With the government of Robert Mugabe keeping a tight rein on the airwaves, the station produced and presented news and current affairs programmes for broadcast in Zimbabwe on short wave and on the Internet. Staffed and run by Zimbabweans in exile, it aimed to promote democracy and free speech, and to counter the mis-information and hate speech broadcast by the Zimbabwe state media.[citation needed] The station's website, www.swradioafrica.com, featured live online streaming.

In popular culture[edit]

In The Last Resort: A Memoir of Zimbabwe (Chapter 4), journalist Douglas Rogers says of two of his parents' employees: "It was only later that I learned the two Johns were fervent MDC supporters and had been for years. It was one of the reasons my father kept them both on. He enjoyed speaking to them about politics, and it was why he had given them his old shortwave radio: so that they could tune into SW Africa, the pro-democracy station that broadcast out of London."[1]


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