Give the Devil His Due

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Give the Devil His Due
Give the Devil His Due 1986 Poster.jpg
1986 poster.
Directed byHynek Bočan
Produced byEric Abraham
Katya Krausova
Written byIrena Šlapáková
Božena Němcová
StarringOndřej Vetchý
Josef Kemr
Vladimír Dlouhý
Petr Nárožný
Music byJaroslav Uhlíř
Zdeněk Svěrák
CinematographyJaromír Šofr
Distributed byÚstřední půjčovna filmů
Release date
1 October 1985
Running time
90 minutes
Budget9 million CSK[1]

Give the Devil His Due (Czech: S čerty nejsou žerty) is a 1985 Czechoslovak fairytale film directed by Hynek Bočan. In the Czech Republic, it is considered to be one of the most famous fairytale films ever produced. The Original title means "No joking around with devils".


Petr's father marries Dorota and dies soon afterwards. Dorota wants to get rid of Petr and uses her courtship to governor who has Petr arrested. Petr meets count's daughters Angelina and Adélka during his escape attempt and falls in love with Angelina. Angelina isn't interested in poor Petr while Adélka falls in love with him and tries to help him. Petr is forced to join the army where he is bullied by corporal. Meanwhile an inexperienced Chort Janek is sent to take Dorota to hell. He makes mistake and accidentally takes Petr's grandmother. Lucipher is angry at Janek and sends him to correct his mistake. Janek accidentally joins army and loses his powers when soldiers burn his wolf's tail. He meets Petr and befriends him. Petr decides to help Janek to get his powers back. He manages to get him a new Wolf's tail. They escape army and abduct Dorota and drag her to the hell. Petr works in hell and Lucipher eventually decides to release him and fulfill him three wisshes. Petr wishes a magic coat that allows him to find a golden ducat everytime he slips into pocket, release for his Grandmother and corporal being taken to hell. Lucipher agrees but also wants Governor Petr and Jan to take Governor along with corporal. The coat changes Petr's look to uknowing and he gets attention when he gives money to all people who need. This helps him to lure Governor and Corporal to Janek who takes them to hell. Count also decides to go for help as his principality is broke. Petr agrees but only if Count allows him to marry his daughter. Count agrees with the deal but Angelina doesn't like it as Petr looks like a Chort but Adélka recognises Petr and happily agrees. Petr then takes as many ducats as he needs and puts down the coat and loses him. He goes to Duch's castle as an elegant gentleman to ask for his daughter's hand. When Angelina sees him she changes her mind and wants to marry him but Petr declines and states that he asked for Adélka's hand. Petr the marries Adélka and Angelina gets married to Lucipher.



The film is loosely based on Čertův švagr by Božena Němcová. Some aspects were inspired by Fanfan la Tulipe. Writing took place in a group of Marcela Pittermannová. Filming took place in caves near Česká Lípa, in Průhonice, in village Střehom, at Sloup Castle and Kost Castle.[2]


Give the Devil His Due is considered one of the best Czech fairy tale films ever made. Users of Kinobox server gave the film 87% rating. It is the highest rated fairy tale film on the server.[3][4] The film has also won many awards including the main award at Chicago International Children's Film Festival.[5]


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