S Castro Shuttle

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S Castro Shuttle
S Shuttle logo.svg
S Ballpark Shuttle.jpg
S-Castro Shuttle at Montgomery station providing service for AT&T Park and Caltrain station
Type Light rail
System Muni Metro
Locale San Francisco, California
Termini Embarcadero Station
4th and King Station
(game day runs)
Castro Station
West Portal Station
(game day runs)
Stations 11
20 (limited service)
Opened 1995
Owner San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Operator(s) San Francisco Municipal Railway
Rolling stock 151 Breda light rail vehicles
(high floor)
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
(standard gauge)
Electrification Overhead lines, 600 V DC
Highest elevation underground,
at grade (game day runs)
Route diagram
UpperLeft arrow Bay Area Rapid Transit | Up arrow N Judah logo.svg T Third Street logo.svg
Left arrow  F  | J Church logo.svg K Ingleside logo.svg L Taraval logo.svg M Ocean View logo.svg
Bay Area Rapid Transit San Francisco Ferry Building
Montgomery Bay Area Rapid Transit
Union Square/Market Street 2019
Bay Area Rapid Transit
Civic Center Bay Area Rapid Transit
Van Ness US 101
N Judah logo.svg
J Church logo.svg
Castro  F 
Market Street Railway
Twin Peaks
Forest Hill
West Portal T Third Street logo.svg
L Taraval logo.svg
K Ingleside logo.svg M Ocean View logo.svg

The S Castro Shuttle is a Muni Metro line in San Francisco, California. At its inception in 1995,[1] it ran from Embarcadero Station downtown to the Castro Street Station during peak periods on weekdays.[2][3] The service stopped running in the early 2000s as the number of available light rail vehicles went down due to maintenance issues.[1]

As of 2016, the line runs from St. Francis Circle to Embarcadero station with limited service beyond to 23rd Street.[4] The line also runs when there is a home game at AT&T Park, continuing from King and 4th Street to West Portal Station for extended hours. During these times the shuttle will occasionally run a three car formation, being the only line that will do this regularly.[5]

On November 7, 2016, S shuttle service resumed with two extra one-car trains running between Embarcadero and West Portal during the morning rush hour, for a total of ten total trips. The service increase is planned to reduce overcrowding along the L, M, and K lines between the line's terminal stations. This addition was viewed as a strategic way to use limited resources to provide more service.[6] This service improvement is part of Muni Metro's Muni Forward program to add more true subway service.[7]

The S Castro Shuttle is the only line not included on any Muni Metro map or on NextBus. The service is not a true shuttle train.


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