S' vetrom uz lice

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S vetrom uz lice
S vetrom uz lice.jpg
Studio album by Ekatarina Velika
Released 1986
Recorded February 1986, SIM studio, Zagreb
Genre Rock, post-punk
Producer Dragan Čačinović
Ekatarina Velika chronology
Ekatarina Velika
S' vetrom uz lice

S vetrom uz lice (English: With The Wind Against Our Faces) is the third studio album by the Serbian rock band Ekatarina Velika, released in 1986. With this album Ekatarina Velika reached a wider audience, and it is considered to be the commercial breakthrough for the band. The new drummer, replacing Ivan "Firchie" Fece, was Ivan "Raka" Ranković (ex. Tvrdo srce i velike uši). The album was recorded and mixed in SIM studio in Zagreb and produced by Dragan Čačinović and Ekatarina Velika.

In 2006 "Ti si sav moj bol" was ranked #3 on the B92 Top 100 Domestic Songs list.

Track listing[edit]

All music and arrangements written by Ekatarina Velika.

All lyrics by Milan Mladenović except for the track 9 which lyrics are made by Milan Mladenović, Margita Stefanović and Bojan Pečar.

All music composed by Ekaterina Velika, arrangements by Ekatarina Velika.

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Budi sam na ulici (Be Alone In The Street)" Milan Mladenović 5:10
2. "Ti si sav moj bol (You Are All My Pain)" Milan Mladenović 3:54
3. "Kao da je bilo nekad (Like It Was Once)" Milan Mladenović 4:28
4. "Umorna pesma (Tired song)" Milan Mladenović 4:38
5. "Novac u rukama (Money In Hands)" Milan Mladenović 3:43
6. "Sarajevo (Sarajevo)" Milan Mladenović 2:52
7. "Stvaran svet oko mene (Real World Around Me)" Milan Mladenović 2:46
8. "Soba (The Room)" Milan Mladenović 4:27
9. "Grad (City)" Milan Mladenović, Margita Stefanović, Bojan Pečar 4:09


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