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Aleksandar "Saša" Matić
Sasa Matic.jpg
Saša Matić performing live
Aleksandar Matić

(1978-04-26) 26 April 1978 (age 40)
ResidenceBelgrade, Serbia
  • singer
Years active2000–present
  • Anđelija (m. 2003)
Musical career
  • vocals
  • piano
Associated acts

Aleksandar "Saša" Matić (Serbian: Александар Саша Матић, born 26 April 1978) is a popular Bosnian-Serbian pop-folk singer.

Life and career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Aleksandar Matić was born into an ethnic Serb family in Bihać, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, the son of Zoran and Dragica.[1] He and his twin brother Dejan were born prematurely and had a difficult first few weeks of life, having to be placed in incubators in a Zagreb maternity hospital.[2] For unknown reasons, both babies became completely blind only days after birth. The family relocated to Belgrade in 1982, when the brothers were four years of age. It was in Belgrade that they attended music school, playing the piano. The Matić brothers finished their schooling in Zemun.


Before his professional career took off in 2000, Matić at the nightclub Club Španac in New Belgrade for three years, where he was known for performing the songs of Haris Džinović. Before that, on 8 March 1994, at a Ratko Jovanović concert in Tržnica on Banovo Brdo, Matić was selected to sing the rest of the "Zajdi, zajdi" song. It was his first public performance.

Matić signed with the record label Grand Production and released his debut album Prokleta je violina on 15 March 2001.[3]

In addition to performances across eastern Europe, Matić has embarked on several tours for the Yugoslav diaspora on other continents. He has performed in the United States,[4][5] Australia,[6] and Canada.[7][8]

Matić attended the funeral of Velibor Vučurović, one of his songwriters who was murdered 27 March 2010, aged 30.[9][10]

More recently, he recorded duets "Mešaj, mala" (2010) with Rada Manojlović,[11] and "More tuge" (2014) with Severina.[12][13]

Personal life[edit]

Matić married Anđelija in 2003. Together they have two daughters; Aleksandra (born 2004) and Tara (born 2007).[14]


  • Prokleta je violina (Dec, 2001)
  • Otišao, vratio se (July, 2002)
  • Zbogom ljubavi (May, 2003)
  • Anđeo čuvar (August 1, 2005)
  • Saša Matić (Sep, 2007)
  • Nezaboravne... (Dec, 2010)
  • X zajedno (Dec, 2011)
  • Zabranjena ljubav (Feb, 2015)
  • Ne bih ništa menjao (Dec, 2017)

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Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Saša Vasić
Music Festival Budva winner
(tied with Croatia Dado Topić)

Succeeded by
Serbia and Montenegro Marija Šerifović
Preceded by
Grand Festival winner
Succeeded by
Aca Lukas