Sa Beining

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Sà Beìníng
Native name 撒贝宁
Born (1976-03-23) March 23, 1976 (age 42)
Zhanjiang, Guangdong
Residence Beijing
Nationality Chinese
Alma mater Peking University
Occupation Host, Journalist
Years active 1999 - present
Known for Legal Report
Television China Central Television (CCTV)
Spouse(s) Lisa Hoffman, aka Lǐ Bái (m. 2016)
Parent(s) Father: Sà Shìguì
Mother: Dèng Yǎjuān
Awards Golden Mike Award
Golden Eagle Award for Best Programme Host

Sa Beining (simplified Chinese: 撒贝宁; traditional Chinese: 撒貝寧; pinyin: Sà Beìníng; born 23 March 1976) is a Chinese television host known for his work for China Central Television (CCTV). He served as the one-time anchor of the documentary program Legal Report (今日说法).


Sa Beining was born in a military family in Zhanjiang, Guangdong in March 1976, the son of Dèng Yǎjuān (邓雅娟), a graduate of Shenyang Conservatory of Music, and Sà Shìguì (撒世贵), a Chinese actor in Wuhan Drama Theatre, he has a younger sister: Sà Bèinà (撒贝娜).[1] He is of Hui ethnicity.

He started to perform on stage at the age of four, by age eleven, he hosted a house-party with his sister at home.[1]

Sa received his LLM from Peking University in 1998, majoring in Law.

After graduation, he joined the China Central Television, he hosted Legal Report (今日说法), Shouxi Yehua (首席夜话), Seeing (看见), and To Speak (开讲啦). For his work in television he received the 2006 Golden Mike Award and the 2004 Golden Eagle Award for Best Programme Host.

Personal life[edit]

Sa was in a relationship with Tú Jīngwěi (涂经纬) in 2006, they split in 2009.[2][3] Then Sa reportedly had a whirlwind romance with Cén Lílán (岑黎阑).[2][3][4] Sa was involved in a relationship with actress Zhang Ziyi beginning in September 2011; they split in 2013.[5][6] In 2015, Sa was seen dating Canadian singer Lisa Hoffman (known by her Chinese name 李白, Lǐ Bái).[7] They married on 28 March 2016.[8]


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