Sa Piling Mo

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Sa Piling Mo
Genre Drama
Created by ABS-CBN
Developed by Malou N. Santos
Des M. De Guzman
Written by Denise O'Hara
Francis Xavier E. asion
Directed by Trina N. Dayrit
Starring Judy Ann Santos
Piolo Pascual
Albert Martinez
Rica Peralejo
Opening theme "Ikaw Lamang" by Piolo Pascual
Composer(s) George Canseco
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 128
Running time 30-40 minutes (with commercials)
Production company(s) Star Creatives Group
Original network ABS-CBN
Original release February 27, 2006 (2006-02-27) – August 25, 2006 (2006-08-25)

Sa Piling Mo (lit. With You) is a love story between both Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual, which aired its pilot episode on February 27, 2006 and ends on August 25, 2006.


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The most celebrated love team in the industry to date, Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual after two years of pursuing solo endeavors, sizzled on the big screen last month with Star Cinema's "Don't Give Up On Us". Now Juday and Piolo are ready to set the small screen on fire, this time with ABS-CBN’s teleserye offering "Sa Piling Mo".

In this must see TV event, directed by three of ABS-CBN's finest directors – Jerry Lopez-Sineneng, Trina Dayrit and Rory Quintos, "Sa Piling Mo" brings us Judy Ann and Piolo in a more mature storyline. "Sa Piling Mo" is the tale of Jennifer and Adrian, childhood friends who fall in love with each other as they grew up. Despite Adrian being blind, he is full of life, something readily apparent in his passion for singing. Jennifer learns that Adrian's handicap can be cured but not without a high price. With time being the enemy, for her boyfriend's condition will be permanent in a year, Jennifer resorted to joining a crime syndicate and was caught and imprisoned. What happens now to the separated lovers and their dream of a better life together?

Straight at the heels of their multi-million-grossing movie, ABS-CBN brings fans this new vehicle for Judy Ann and Piolo, which makes the most of their compelling chemistry and dramatic brilliance. The soap opera also boasts of its stellar cast. Rica Peralejo is Nicole, the woman who helps Adrian after he loses contact with Jennifer. Veteran stars Bembol Roco, Mat Ranillo III and Liza Lorena will play crucial characters on the show. Adding to the 'kilig' factor of the teleserye is the love triangle of Maja Salvador, John Wayne Sace and Rafael Martinez. Comedienne Kitkat, and former PBB Housemate Jayson Gainza, in his first teleserye role, on the other hand will provide the funny and laughter filled parts of the story. ABS-CBN has also enlisted the help of award-winning actor Albert Martinez for "Sa Piling Mo", in his first ABS-CBN teleserye. He plays Benicio, a man who helps Jennifer rebuild her life after prison.

"Sa Piling Mo's" formidable production team is headed by Malou N. Santos, Executive In-Charge of Production with Supervising Producer Julie Anne R. Benitez, Executive Producer Des de Guzman-Tanwangco, and Associate Producer Myleen Ongkiko. The Creative Team is headed by Olivia M. Lamasan as the series' Over-All In-Charge of Creative, with Creative Manager Ricky Lee, headwriters Dindo Perez and Henry King Quitain and writers Francis Pasion and Denise O'Hara completing the team.

Truly one of the known best teleserye's in our time.


Sa Piling Mo, a reunion soap opera for Judy Ann and Piolo, received positive critical response and became one of the highest rated soaps on ABS-CBN during its run. Sa Piling Mo was also released on DVD in several volumes.

Its highest rating was 37.5% and its overall rating was 34.0% in the Philippine Nationwide TV Ratings conducted by AGB Nielsen Philippines.

Theme songs[edit]

Sa Piling Mo has several theme songs. The main theme song played during the ad breaks and end credits is "Ikaw Lamang" by Piolo Pascual (original by Zsa Zsa Padilla). The characters Adrian and Catherine's theme song is "Dahil Ikaw" by True Faith (band). But as the their relationships gone through hardships,the themesong "Kung Malaya Lang Ako" by Kris Lawrence shows that Catherine and Adrian is still meant for each other even if they are torn apart. These songs definitely give this teleserye a touch of satisfaction and "kilig", as Filipinos say.

Cast and characters[edit]

  • Jennifer Limbaga (Judy Ann Santos) is the street-smart cockfighting expert Jennifer Limbaga who's willing to risk life and limb to restore Adrian’s eyesight. She is forced to assume a new identity as Catherine Chuatoco, the widow of a Chuatoco scion and a courageous woman who's willing to protect her son at all costs and fight for the man she loves.
  • Adrian Tuazon (Piolo Pascual) plays Jennifer's blind childhood sweetheart. Determined to overcome his blindness, he supports himself as a folk singer and was about to propose to Jennifer when fate intervened and the two lovers are separated. He falls in love with Nicole, the woman who saves him from destitution and restores his eyesight.
  • Benicio Chuatoco (Albert Martinez) is the Congressman's son who fulfills his father's dying wish to protect Jennifer. He pretends to be Jennifer’s brother-in-law but eventually falls in love with her. A shrewd and cunning businessman, he gets involved with business partner Nicole when Jennifer rejects him.
  • Nicole Fuentebella (Rica Peralejo) is the beautiful heiress to the Azucarera fortune who saves Adrian and restores his eyesight. She helped Adrian forget Jennifer and eventually became his fiancée. She discovered the truth behind Jennifer’s identity and hid the truth from Adrian.
  • Nanay Gina (Liza Lorena) plays Adrian's surrogate mother. She rescues him after falling unconscious on the rail tracks and nurses him back to health.
  • Al Fernandez (Bembol Roco) plays Jennifer's godfather and he used to be her mother's ardent suitor. He became a holy man when a priest rescued him from the Mayor's attempt on his life. He is torn between telling the truth to Adrian or keeping his promise of secrecy to Jennifer.
  • Jose Fuentebella (Mat Ranillo III) is the rich owner of the Azucarera who’s a devoted husband and a loving father to Nicole.
  • Marissa (Maja Salvador) plays a simple provincial lass who dreams of a better life for her and her family. She is torn between Tatum and his "kinakapatid", Russel.
  • Tatum (Raphael Martinez) is Adrian's surrogate brother. Resentful of his mother’s partiality to Adrian, he deliberately rebels and disobeys his mother. He falls in love with Marissa.
  • Jason (Jason Gainza) is Adrian's humorous sidekick and co-worker at the Azucarera.
  • Norma (Lotlot de Leon) is the head of the farmers at the Azucarera. She is also Marissa's mother and Russell's guardian. She later on confesses to a long kept secret—Benicio is Russell's father.
  • Russell (John Wayne Sace) plays a young farmer who's secretly in love with Marissa. He later on discovers that he's Benicio's love child.
  • Congressman Chuatoco (Chinggoy Alonzo) plays Jennifer's patron who rescues her from the Mayor's goons. He eventually dies of a heart attack and leaves Jennifer in his son's care.
  • Mayor (Charlie Davao) is a vile man who’s addicted to gambling during cockfights. He enlists Jennifer’s expertise as his adviser but when she tricks him in a gambling bet with the Congressman, he resolves to make Jennifer's life a living hell.
  • Jeremy (Basty Alcances) plays Jennifer and Adrian's love child.
  • Shirley (Ella V) is Jennifer's best friend after Adrian. They reunited when Jennifer got married to Benicio. She supports Jennifer in everything except for being a martyr to her abusive husband.
  • Julia (Pia Wurtzbach) is Russell's balikbayan girlfriend and business partner. She doesn't know how deep Russell's feelings are for Marissa.
  • Joshua Dionisio - as young Adrian Tuazon
  • Mikylla Ramirez - as young Jennifer Limabaga


  • Sa Piling Mo was awarded Best Drama Series by the 2006 PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club) Star Awards For TV with its lead stars nominated for Best Actor and Actress.
  • During the final wedding scene where Adrian and Jennifer are to be wed near a beach, they hugged each other instead of the usual concluding wedding kiss. This due to Judy Ann Santos' deep commitment to her real-life boyfriend, former Krystala co-star, Ryan Agoncillo.
  • According to AGB Nielsen (Philippines) Mega Manila data, Sa Piling Mo got a PILOT Rating of 28.4% and Ended with an IMPRESSIVE Rating of 35.3% leading I LUV NY (28.6%) by 6.7%
    • This was the Figure: August 25, 2006 (Friday) I Luv NY (GMA) 28.6% vs. Sa Piling Mo FINALE (ABS-CBN) 35.3%
  • The final episode was shown without any commercial interruptions courtesy of GLOBE, a cellular phone company in the Philippines. It is unknown as to how much Globe paid for a no commercial break show. This is also a first in Philippine TV history for a primetime drama show to air without commercial breaks.
  • Sa Piling Mo became a regional semi-finalist in the International Emmy Awards for the Drama Series category. Other ABS-CBN programs were also nominated, including Super Inggo for the "Children and Young People" category, and Bandila and TV Patrol World for the News category. Bandila made it as a finalist under the News category, and made history by being the first ever nominated news program from the Philippines.[1]

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