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SaaS Maker
Developer(s) Virtual Global, Inc.
Stable release
2.0 / 21 May 2013; 3 years ago (2013-05-21)
Written in ASP.NET
Operating system n/a
License Proprietary

SaaS Maker is a cloud computing PaaS product by Virtual Global, Inc., allowing developers to construct SaaS Data-base Centric multitenant applications[1] for internal or business usage.[2] The product has grown from TeamLeader project developed by Virtual Global, a self-funded startup venture founded in 2003 and owned by Cary Landis in Morgantown, WV.[3]


  • 2003: Virtual Global Rockwise was founded with the registered trade name Rockwise, Inc.[4]
  • Nov 2005: Virtual Global releases TeamLeader, a team management system [5]
  • 2006-2007: Migration of TeamLeader to an extensible Web-based platform architecture called TeamHost, under NASA grant at Glenn Research Center.[6]
  • May 2008: TeamLeader implemented on Amazon EC2 for the NASA Dust Management Project [7]* Mar 2009: Web-based platform moved into a separate product offering named TeamHost [8]
  • Dec 2010: Virtual Global launches HITplatform as a set of online tools for implementing electronic medical records solutions, on the TeamHost Platform. This product includes role-based workflow (RBW) - a web service implementing NIST invention entitled "Workflow management employing role-based access control".[9][10]
  • Nov 2012: Virtual Global renames TeamHost to SaaS Maker.[3]
  • May 2013: Virtual Global releases SaaS Maker 2.0 with a .Net SDK [11]


SaaS Maker is written in ASP.NET and uses MS SQL or Firebird RDBMS for managing application databases.[12] Platform is portable across data centers, and natively hosted on Amazon EC2 as a Virtual Global enterprise cloud platform.[13] SOAP API enables developers to extend functionality by 3rd party services. SaaS Maker includes an ASP.NET SDK for developing 3rd party plug-ins which can be uploaded into SaaS Maker platform and used by hosted applications.[11]