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Saadat Ali Khan II

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Saadat Ali Khan
Nawab Wazir of Oudh
Wazir-ul Mumalik
Yameen-ud Daulah
Nazim-ul Mumlikat
Khan Bahadur
Mubariz Jung[nt 1]
Ja'nnat Aramgah[nt 2]
Saadat Ali Khan II.jpg
Nawab Saadat Ali Khan II
Reign 21 January 1798 – 11 July 1814
Predecessor Mirza Wazir `Ali Khan
Successor Ghazi ad-Din Rafa`at ad-Dowla Abu´l-Mozaffar Haydar Khan
Born b. bf. 1752
Died 11 July 1814
Burial Tombs of Qaiserbagh
Consort Khursheed Zadi
Full name
Yamin-ud-daula-Nawab Saadat Ali Khan
House Nishapuri
Dynasty Oudh
Father Shuja-ud-daula
Religion Islam

Saadat Ali Khan (Persian: سعادت علی خان‎‎, Hindi: सआदत अली खान, Urdu: سعادت علی خان‎) (bf. 1752 – c. 11 July 1814) was the fifth[1] nawab wazir of Oudh from 21 January 1798 to 11 July 1814,[2] and the son of Muhammad Nasir.[3] He was of Persian origin.[4][5]


He was the second son of Nawab Shuja-ud-daula. Saadat Ali Khan succeeded his half-nephew, Mirza Wazir `Ali Khan, to the throne of Oudh in 1798. Saadat Ali Khan was crowned on 21 January 1798 at Bibiyapur Palace in Lucknow, by Sir John Shore.[6]

Most of the buildings between the Kaiserbagh and Dilkusha were constructed by him.[7] He had a palace called Dilkusha Kothi designed and built by Sir Gore Ouseley in 1805.[8]


Nawab Saadat Ali Khan died in 1814 and he was buried with his wife Khursheed Zadi at Qaisar Bagh.[6]



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Preceded by
Mirza Wazir `Ali Khan
Nawab Wazir al-Mamalik of Oudh
1798 – 1814
Succeeded by
Ghazi ad-Din Rafa`at ad-Dowla Abu´l-Mozaffar Haydar Khan