Saadist Institutional Party

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Saadist Institutional Party

حزب الهيئة السعدية
SecretaryMakram Ebeid
Founded1938 (1938)
DissolvedJuly 23, 1952 (1952-07-23)
Split fromWafd Party
HeadquartersCairo, Kingdom of Egypt
Political positionCentre
International affiliationNone
Colours     Purple

The Saadist Institutional Party (Arabic: حزب الهيئة السعدية‎) was an Egyptian political party. It was established in 1938 as a split-off from the Wafd party. Ahmed Maher Pasha and Mahmoud Fahmy Elnokrashy Pasha were on one side and party secretary Makram Ebeid was on the other. Party head Mostafa el-Nahhas took the side of Makram and dismissed Maher and Elnokrashy. The dismissed leaders created the new party.

Mahmoud Fahmy Elnokrashy who served as the prime minister of Egypt from December 1946 to December 1948 was the member of the party.[1] Ibrahim Abdel Hady Pasha, another prime minister of Egypt between 1948 and 1949 and the successor of Mahmoud Elnokrashy Pasha, was also a member of the party.[1]

Electoral results[edit]

House of Representatives
Election year # of
overall votes
% of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
+/– Leader
1942 unknown (#4)
1 / 264
Ahmed Maher
1945 unknown (#1)
125 / 264
Increase 124
Mahmoud Elnokrashy Pasha
1950 unknown (#2)
28 / 319
Decrease 97
Mahmoud Elnokrashy Pasha


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