Saar Statute referendum, 1955

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For the 1935 referendum, see Saar status referendum, 1935.
Saar Statute referendum, 1955
Volksbefragung über das Europäische Statut für das Saarland
Location Saar Protectorate
Date October 23, 1955 (1955-10-23)
Votes  %
Yes check.svg Yes 201,973 32.29%
X mark.svg No 423,434 67.71%
Valid votes 625,407 97.55%
Invalid or blank votes 15,725 2.45%
Total votes 641,132 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 662,839 96.73%

A referendum on the Saar statute was held in the Saar Protectorate on 23 October 1955.[1] The statute would make the territory independent under the auspices of a European Commissioner to be appointed by the Council of Ministers of the Western European Union, while remaining in the economic union with France.

Its rejection by voters was taken as an indication that they would rather reunite with West Germany.[2] So on 27 October 1956 France and West Germany concluded the Saar Treaty establishing that Saarland should be allowed to join West Germany, as provided by its Grundgesetz constitution article 23 and so Saarland did as a state of Germany with effect of 1 January 1957.[2]


Choice Votes %
For 201,973 32.29
Against 423,434 67.71
Invalid/blank votes 15,725
Total 641,132 100
Registered voters/turnout 662,839 96.72
Source: CVCE