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Location of constituency in Saarland

Saarbrücken is one of the 299 single member constituencies used for the German parliament, the Bundestag. One of four districts covering the state of Saarland, it covers the city of Saarbrücken and the municipalities of Kleinblittersdorf, Großrosseln, Püttlingen, Riegelsberg, Völklingen, all located in the Saarbrücken district.

The constituency was created for the 1957 election, the first election after the Saar Treaty had united the Saarland with West Germany. Although the first two elections were won by the Free Democratic Party and Christian Democratic Union (CDU), from the 1965 election onwards the constituency was won by the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). In the 1990s, Oskar Lafontaine, a prominent figure in the SPD was the district representative. The pattern of SPD victories was broken at the 2009 election, when, in common with the other three districts in the Saarland, the CDU gained the district.[1] The current representative is Anette Hübinger.


2009 election[edit]

Party Constituency results List results
Candidate Votes  % share +/- Votes  % share +/-
Christian Democratic Union Anette Hübinger 45,748 31.8 +2.0 38,317 26.5 +0.0
Social Democratic Party of Germany Elke Ferner 43,737 30.4 -3.2 34,528 23.9 -8.5
The Left Volker Schneider 31,946 22.2 -4.0 34,666 24.0 +3.1
Free Democratic Party Roland König 10,597 7.4 +4.0 17,651 12.2 +4.3
Alliance '90/The Greens Karin Burkart 9,696 6.7 +3.2 12,685 8.8 +0.9
National Democratic Party of Germany Peter Marx 1,967 1.4 -0.2 1,737 1.2 -0.6
Marxist–Leninist Party of Germany Reiner Aulenbacher 0.2 0.1 112 0.1 -0.1
Pirate Party N/A N/A N/A N/A 2,536 1.8 N/A
Family Party of Germany N/A N/A N/A N/A 1,596 1.1 -0.5
Pensioners and Retirees Party N/A N/A N/A N/A 752 0.5 N/A

List of district representatives[edit]

Election Name Party
1957 Heinrich Schneider FDP
1961 Eugen Huthmacher CDU
1965 Rudolf Hussong SPD
1969 Günter Slotta SPD
1972 Günter Slotta SPD
1976 Hajo Hoffmann SPD
1980 Hajo Hoffmann SPD
1983 Hajo Hoffmann SPD
1987 Margit Conrad SPD
1990 Oskar Lafontaine SPD
1994 Oskar Lafontaine SPD
1998 Oskar Lafontaine SPD
2002 Elke Ferner SPD
2005 Elke Ferner SPD
2009 Anette Hübinger CDU


Elections District name Boundaries
1957–1961 243 Saarbrücken-Stadt The city of Saarbrücken, the Saarbrücken district municipalities of Dudweiler, Brebach (de), Kleinblittersdorf and Riegelsberg
1965–1972 244 Saarbrücken-Stadt
1976–1998 244 Saarbrücken I The city of Saarbrücken and the municipality of Kleinblittersdorf
since 2002 296 Saarbrücken The city of Saarbrücken and the municipalities of Kleinblittersdorf, Großrosseln, Püttlingen, Riegelsberg, Völklingen


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