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Saatchi Art
FoundedSanta Monica, California
(May 1, 2006)
1655 26th Street
Santa Monica, California
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Saatchi Art Group is a Los Angeles-based[1] e-commerce platform and online art gallery.[2][3][4][5] Saatchi Art Group is composed of the Saatchi Art online marketplace, The Other Art Fair, and the group's Hospitality Art Advisory.[6] The shop category at Saatchi are Paintings, Photography, Fine Art Prints and Sculpture.


Saatchi Art was founded in 2006 as Saatchi Online, owned by Charles Saatchi.[7]

In August 2014, it was bought by Demand Media, Inc. (currently Leaf Group).[8] In 2021, Graham Holdings Company bought Leaf Group LTD.[5]

Rebecca Wilson, Saatchi Art’s chief curator and vice president, was formerly a director at the Saatchi Gallery in London, where she helped launch the gallery's online presence.[9]

In 2018, Saatchi Art debuted its hospitality art advisory services, offering art programming for hotels, restaurants, residential buildings, and healthcare institutions. The senior hospitality art advisory team has curated artworks for Four Seasons, Nobu Hotels, 1 Hotels, Waldorf Astoria, The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, and other brands.[10]

In 2023, Sarah Meller was appointed CEO of Saatchi Art.[11][12]


In November 2014, Charles Saatchi, the owner of Saatchi Gallery, initiated multiple legal actions in the United Kingdom's Chancery Division of High Court of Justice against Demand Media, the current owners of Saatchi Art.[13] Charles Saatchi's contention arose from an alleged breach of an intellectual property agreement dated February 18, 2010, prompting him to ask Demand Media to cease using the “Saatchi Art” name and to compensate him for profits made from the name since the alleged breach. He also alleged that the low average transaction price on Saatchi Art might dilute the Saatchi brand's association with the high-end art market.[14][15]


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