Saawan... The Love Season

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Sawaan... The Love Season
Saawan... The Love Season. 2006 film.jpg
Directed by Saawan Kumar Tak
Produced by Saawan Kumar Tak
Written by Saawan Kumar Tak
Starring Saloni Aswani
Kapil Jhaveri
Salman Khan
Music by Aadesh Shrivastav
Cinematography Rajendra Prasad K.
Release date
7 April 2006 (2006-04-07)
Running time
123 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Saawan... The Love Season (Hindi: सावन, Urdu: ساون‎) is a Hindi social film directed by Saawan Kumar, starring Saloni Aswani, Kapil Jhaveri, Ranjeet, Prem Chopra and Salman Khan amongst others in pivotal roles. The title of the film was named after the director Saawan Kumar.


Saawan... The Love Season tells the story of a couple, Raj (Kapil Jhaveri) and Kajal (Saloni Aswani). They get married, and when they come back from their Honeymoon in Patiala, Kajal finds a man who predicts the future (Salman Khan). Whether it's the death of a person at 9 p.m. or a major accident on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the man knows it all. He's a modern-day Nostradamus. When Kajal asks him about her future, he tells her she'd die two days later. Obviously, Kajal is shattered, she tells Raj who swears if anything happens to her, he would kill the Nostradamus. On the fateful day, Kajal is mistakenly shot by the cops outside a shopping mall and dies. Raj blames the Nostradamus for it, breaks into his house, bashes him black and blue and Nostradamus dies. When Nostradamus dies, Kajal, who is already pronounced dead, wakes up. She's alive now. She falls in love with Raj all over again, and with the help of Raj's friend Funsukh (Johny Lever) and his admirer, they get the couple re-married and they live happily ever after.




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