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Saba Mubarak
Mubarak in Tawq Al Asphalt (2014)
Native name
صبا أحمد سليمان مبارك السيوف
Saba Ahmed Soliman Mubarak El Siouf

(1976-04-10) April 10, 1976 (age 43)
Other namesQueen of Hearts
Years active1998–present
Known forActing and producing
Notable work
Seraa Ala El Remal, The Invasion
Chawki Mejri
(m. 2012, divorced)
Parent(s)Hanan Al-Agha (mother)
Mubarak El Sieuof (father)
RelativesAya Wuhoush (sister)

Saba Ahmed Soliman Mubarak El Siouf (Arabic: صبا أحمد سليمان مبارك السيوف‎; born April 10, 1976 in Anjara, Jordan), commonly known as Saba Mubarak (Arabic: صبا مبارك‎)[1], is a Jordanian actress and producer who is the stars of the first row in Arab drama. She graduated from Yarmouk University in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in theater acting and directing.[1][2] In 1998, she started her acting career with her role in the Jordanian TV series directed by Mohamed Azizia Qamar wa Sahar.[1][2] Since then, Mubarak has been part of many important TV dramas and films such as Balqis, Moga Harra, Al Ahd, the three seasons of Hekayat Banat from 2012 to 2017[3], Tayea, Obour, Al-Raheb, the Price, Agent Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter and the Guest: Aleppo to Istanbul. She also had her first cinematic role in the Jordanian film Safar Al-Ajneha (Travel of the Wings) directed by Tha’er Mousa in 2003. Then she starred in several Jordanian films until her Egyptian cinema breakthrough, which came after her participation in Mohamed Amin's film Bentein Men Misr (Two Girls from Egypt).[2] She is also an avid user of social media websites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and she is the daughter of the Palestinian plastic artist Hanan Al-Agha.

In 2011, Mubarak established Pan East Media, a Jordanian media production company. The company started its production activity in 2013 through the TV series Zain and Tawq Al Asphalt in 2014.[4]


Mubarak studied theater acting and directing at Yarmouk University, from which she graduated in 2001.[1][2]

She started her acting career in 1998 in the Jordanian TV show directed by Mohamed Azizia Qamar wa Sahar.[1][2] She is considered as a first rate performer in Arab drama and has performed in over 40 TV productions.[5] Outside of Jordan, she has appeared in several Syrian and Egyptian television series including Al-Kawasr, Al-Arwah Al-Muhajerah, Seraa Ala El Remal, Al-Za'eem, Naseem Al-Rouh, Sharbat Louz, Hekayat Banat, Moga Harra, Asia, Al-Ahd, Afrah Al-Qobba, and Tayea[6], in 2017, she started filming the third season of the 2012 TV series Hekayat Banat that follows the stories of four girls and their relationships, secret lives, dreams and ambitions. The series stars Mubarak alongside Horeya Farghaly, Dina El Sherbiny, Injy El Mokkaddem, Nada Moussa, Ramsi Lehner, and Amr Saleh.[7].

Mubarak's debut in Arab cinema was in 2003 in the Tunisian film L'Odyssée. She has appeared in several Jordanian and Egyptian films including Safar Al-Ajneha, Kharej Al-Taghteyah, Junoon Al-Hob, Transit Cities, Bentein Men Misr, Kingdom of the Ants, Al-Raheb and The Price. She started working in Egypt in 2010 with her role in the film Bentein Men Misr (Two Girls from Egypt).[6] In 2012, she participated in another Egyptian film, Al-Raheb (The Monk), alongside the Egyptian actor Hani Salama.[8] Her third participation in Egyptian cinema was in Hisham Al-Aysawi's film The Price (Al Thaman), alongside the Egyptian actor Amr Youssef; she played a Syrian woman called Dima, who flees her home and takes refuge in Cairo, where she meets an Egyptian man called Magdy and then a mixture of events begin to unfold.[9] She has taken part in two Swedish films Hamilton: In the Interest of the Nation[10] and Agent Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter in 2012.[11] Then she participated in the Turkish film The Guest: Aleppo to Istanbul.

In 2011, Mubarak established Pan East Media, a Jordanian production house owned and managed by Saba Mubarak with a main objective to create a genuine audio-visual content in Jordan and to present first-rate artistic work on both regional and international levels. The company started its production activity in 2013 with the light Jordanian comedy drama TV series Zain, which aired on multiple Arabic TV networks including MBC and Abu Dhabi One. In 2014, the company produced the TV series Tawq Al-Asphalt, a Bedouin historic drama series inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet. It was aired during Ramadan 2014 on Abu Dhabi One.[4]




Title Year Role Notes Refs
Qamar wa Sahar 1998 [1][2]
Shawk El-Rahaf 1998 Rahaf [12]
Al-Kawasr 1998 Buthainah [12][13]
Omar Al-Khayyam 2002 Nesreen [2]
Al-Arwah Al-Muhajerah 2002 Amal [13]
Al-Hajjaj 2003 Ghazalah [13]
Khalf Al-Qudban 2005 Danah [13]
Akhir Ayyam Al-Yamama 2005 Al Shmous [13]
Al-Shams Toshreq Min Jadeed 2005 Maram [13]
Khaled Ben Al-Waleed 2006 Hend [13]
Ahl Al-Gharam I 2006 [13]
Sada Al-Rouh 2006 [13]
Al-Wardah Al-Akheerah 2006 Rudainah [13]
Du'aah Ala Abwab Juhannam 2006 [13]
Seerat Al-Hob 2007 [13]
Nimer Bin Adwan 2007 Wadha [13]
Haza Al-Aalam 2007 [13]
The Invasion 2008 Hanan
Oyoun Alia 2008 Alia [13]
Seraa Ala El Remal 2008 Al-Hunoof [13]
Naseem Al-Rouh 2008 Asaker [13]
Ahl Al-Gharam II 2008 [13]
Balqis 2009 Balqis [13]
Balqis: Queen of Sheba 2009 Balqis [13]
Wara'a El-Shams 2010 Mouna [13]
Ana Al-Quds 2010 [13]
Bath Bayakhah 2011 [13]
Wein Matkaha Ewja 2011 [13]
Eila Ajab 2011 [13]
Kashf El-Aqne'ah 2011 [13]
Al-Za'eem 2011 Jameela [13]
Fee Meil 2012 [13]
Sharbat Louz 2012 Rasha [13][14]
Hekayat Banat I 2012 Ahlam [3]
Ma Betekhlas Hekayetna 2012 [13]
Khalaf-Allah 2013 [15][16]
Asia 2013 Dr. Nardeen [16]
Mawja Harrah 2013 Jameela [13]
Zain 2013 Zain [13]
Tawk Al-Asphalt 2014 [13]
Al-Ahd 2015 Raya [3][13]
Haq Mayyet 2015 Nihal Mufeed [13]
Afrah Al-Qobba 2016 Doria [13]
Hekayat Banat II 2017 Ahlam [7]
Hekayat Banat III 2017 Ahlam [7]
Tayea 2018 Mohga
Obour 2019 Salma


Title Year Role Notes Refs
Zain 2013 Executive producer [4]
Obour 2019 Salma



Title Year Role Notes Refs
L'Odyssée 2003 Enas [2][13]
Safar Al-Ajneha 2004 [2][13]
Kharej Al-Taghteyah 2007 [13]
Junoon Al-Hob 2008 [13]
Transit Cities 2010 Laila [13]
Bentein Men Misr 2010 Dalia [9][13]
Hamilton: In the Interest of the Nation 2012 Mouna Al Fathar [17]
Agent Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter 2012 Mouna Al Fathar [11]
Kingdom of the Ants 2012 [13][18]
Al-Raheb 2014 Production [4][13]
The Price 2015 Dima [9][13]
The Guest: Aleppo to Istanbul 2017 Meryem Completed [19]


Title Year Role Notes
The Guest: Aleppo to Istanbul 2017 Co-producer


Mubarak has received several awards through her successful career:

  • Best Actress Award, Middle East Film Festival 2003, Italy[3][5]
  • Best Jordanian and Arab Actress Award, Tyche Awards, Jordan[3][5]
  • Best Jordanian Actress Award, Jordan Awards, Jordan

Personal life[edit]

Mubarak was born to a Jordanian father and a Palestinian mother. She has one sister, Aya Wuhoush. She got her bachelor's degree from Yarmouk University in Irbid in 2001. She has been living in Amman, Jordan since her acting career. She is a fan of sports and nature. She spends time in the gym, as well as jogging or walking outside in nature. She also loves swimming and kickboxing.[5]

Her first marriage to the now-deceased Tunisian director Chawki Mejri ended with divorce, and she has a son, Ammar, from that marriage.[20]

Mubarak is a Muslim, but she played a Christian woman in the Egyptian film Al-Raheb (The Monk).[8]

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