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Sabah Hamamou (صباح حمامو) is an Egyptian journalist, the acting head of business section at Al-Ahram[1]

Lindau -Germany 2011 By: Darko Tomas


Hamamou started her career in 1994 as a general assignment trainee reporter at one of Al-Ahram's publications, the monthly Al-Shabab magazine, while at the same time attending Cairo University. After she obtained a BA in Arabic and literature in 1997, she decided to dedicate her career to journalism. In addition to working for Al-Shabab, she began to write pieces for the Saudi Al-Jazeera, a world-famous daily newspaper, Al-Maraa Al-Youm, an independent Emirati weekly magazine, and Al-Qahira, an Egyptian government owned weekly newspaper, as well as other publications.

In 2003, she was offered a permanent position at Al-Ahram's daily newspaper as a staff writer in the business section. Despite having no previous experience in business journalism, Although she began her career in print-media, she occasionally produces video reports and maintains a blog and professional profiles on various social media networks.

Egyptian Revolution[edit]

Hamamou covered the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 for the Al-Ahram website and for her own online channel Masrawyya, Al-Ahram wrote a piece on Masrawyya calling it The Revolution Channel
Sabah Hamamou became a frequent commentator on Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and on Media in Egypt, she was Interviewed by BBC [2] and Newsweek [3] Time,[4] the Wall Street Journal,[5] The World [6] and Associated Press.[7] She also wrote for Harvard's Nieman Foundation for Journalism Egyptian Journalism: An Oddly Connected Mix of Old and New Media

Book Author and a Publisher[edit]

Hamamou wrote the book Memoirs of a journalist at Al-Ahram,[8] in June 2012, to speak up about how Al-Ahram was managed under Mubarak regime, the first such account [9] by a journalist at Al-Ahram since it was founded in 1876.
In May 2013 she founded Ha'aa (حاء), a publishing house to support the values of The Egyptian Revolution, 'Right', ' Right of life', ' Freedom', all the words would start in Arabic with the very same letter ( ح ) which happen to be the first letter of Sabah Hamamou Family name ( حمامو)


She has received several awards and fellowships for her work in journalism, including:

Best Journalist Certificate od Merit from Al- Ahram Regional Institute For Journalism, 2003.

Middle East and North Africa Media Fellowship from Northwestern University, 2006.

Knight Wallace Fellowship, University of Michigan: In 2010, Hamamou was the first Egyptian journalist to be awarded this prestigious Fellowship.