Sabah Khoury

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Sabah Khoury
No. 24 – Hekmeh BC
Position Shooting guard
League Lebanese Basketball League
Personal information
Born (1982-11-10) November 10, 1982 (age 35)
Nationality Lebanese
Listed height 6.35 ft 1 in (1.96 m)
Career information
College Lansing CC (2001–2002)
Career history
2002–2005 Sagesse Club
2005–2006 Champville SC
2006–2007 Al Mouttahed Tripoli
2007–2009 Sagesse Club
2009–2010 Qingdao Doublestar
2010–2012 Sagesse Club
2012–2013 Amchit Club
2013–2014 Champville SC
2014–2015 Hoops Club
2015– Sagesse Club

Sabah Khoury (born November 10, 1982) is a Lebanese basketball player who plays as a shooting guard for Sagesse Club in the Lebanese Basketball League (LBL).[1] He formerly played for Champville Club, Amchit Club and Al Mouttahed Tripoli in the Lebanese Basketball League, and Qingdao Doublestar in the Chinese Basketball League, he's one of the best Lebanese basketball players who played in China. Sabah is well known to be one of the top scorers and top three-point shooters in every season of his career. He has great shooting abilities and can also play as a point guard. Khoury was known as the ankle breaker, especially in his stint at China. He has also participated in international championships with his teams and the Lebanese national basketball team.

Early years[edit]

Sabah Khoury was born in Kuwait on 10 November 1982 and lived in Lebanon until he was 15. He moved to the United States to finish high school. He played at Okemos High School, winning a district championship during his senior year in 2001. His career ended with a loss to Kalamazoo Central High School, where he scored 33 points against future NFL star Greg Jennings. He then joined Lansing Community College for one year to study Business Management before moving back to Lebanon at the age of 19 to continue his studies there.


While in the United States, Sabah played for the Lansing Community College team (2001–02) where few teams tried to contact him because of his great reputation and wonderful skills.

Career 2002–2005[edit]

When Sabah moved back to Lebanon, many teams were interested in him like Champville SC and Hekmeh BC mostly. And after few meetings with Hekmeh BC's team and management, Sabah signed a three years contract with the team (2002–05) and started to play professionally at the age of 19.

2002–03 season[edit]

2003–04 season[edit]

Note that in this season Sabah and his teammates in Hekmeh BC managed to defeat Champville SC and Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut without any foreign players.

2004-–05 season[edit]

"It was the first year where I had a bigger role and a bigger responsibility", said Sabah.

Career 2005–06[edit]

After 2005, Sabah turned 22 and he was a free player since three years with Hekmeh BC. Coach Ghassan Sarkis wanted him to play for Champville SC, so Sabah took his chance and signed a one-year contract with the team (2005–06).

2005–06 season[edit]

Sabah helped the team reach the final 4 after their famous breakup that led most of their main players to Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut. Note that Sabah's team was to only team to beat Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut in the final 4 when they defeated them in game 2 of the series.

Career 2006–07[edit]

After 2006 in Champville SC, Sabah signed a 2-year contract with Hekmeh BC but in the same summer the president of the club resigned and Hekmeh BC was in a big mess. Meanwhile, Sabah was with the Lebanese national basketball team in the Basketball World Championship in Japan and after he was back there was no team for Hekmeh BC. Few teams negotiated with Sabah and eventually he picked Al Mouttahed Tripoli knowing that Hekmeh BC probably will not make a team and will drop to the second division. Few weeks after Sabah signed a one-year contract with Al Mouttahed Tripoli (2006–07), Hekmeh BC made a team in the last minute just to survive and prevent dropping to the second division and because it was too late the Lebanese Basketball Federation allowed them to sign with free players so Sabah spent his year with Al Mouttahed Tripoli. It was a very short season for Sabah, because the team was young and new on the basketball scene (it was their second year in first division), so they finished 5th in the league and Sabah was one of the top assist players.

Career 2007–09[edit]

After his contract with Al Mouttahed Tripoli ended, Sabah was back to Hekmeh BC (his old home) with a 2-year contract (2007–09) and he was the team captain for the first time.

2007–08 season[edit]

  • Team achievements
    • Arab Basketball League finalist. (Hekmeh BC)
  • Individual achievements
    • Best Arabic player in the Arab Basketball League.
    • First Lebanese assist player and second overall.
  • Season stats:
    • 22 games:
    • 14.4 ppg
    • 5.4 rpg
    • 6.4 apg
    • 1.9 spg

In Dubai tournament this year, Hekmeh BC beat Mahram by a buzzer-beater three point that Sabah scored.

I was really comfortable this year, getting along with the team's coach and really enjoying the game", said Sabah.



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