Sabah Tanah Airku

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Sabah Tanah Airku
English: Sabah, My Homeland
Coat of arms of Sabah.svg

State anthem of Sabah
MusicH.B. Hermann
Adopted1963, 1998

Sabah Tanah Airku (English: Sabah, My Homeland) is the official state anthem of Sabah, Malaysia that was adopted in 1963.[citation needed]

Anthem text[edit]

Sabah tanah airku
Negeri kita yang tercinta
Pemuda pemudi
Semua marilah
Bangunlah bersatu semua
Marilah bersama serta maju jaya
Merdeka sepanjang masa
Bersatu segala bangsa sentosa
Sabah negeri merdeka

Official English translation[edit]

Sabah, my homeland
Our beloved state
Men and women, come
Arise all together
Come together to be successful
Always staying Independent
Unite all, nation prospers
Sabah, the independent state