Sabana Llana

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Sabana Llana is a barrio in San Juan, Puerto Rico.[1]


As of 2000, Sabana Llana had a total population of about 76,000 inhabitants.[1]


Sabana Llana is located east of Oriente, north of Trujillo Alto and west of Carolina. It is bordered by the San José Lagoon on top, its closest body of water.


Sabana Llana is divided into two distinct territories.

  • Sabana Llana del Norte (es) - Pop: ~32,000[1] - Land Area: 2.39 square miles (6.2 km2) - Total Area: 2.52 square miles (6.5 km2)
  • Sabana Llana del Sur (es) - Pop: ~44,000[1] - Land: Area: 4.17 square miles (10.8 km2) - Total Area: 4.17 square miles (10.8 km2)