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Two Sabar drums from Senegal

The sabar, which originated from the Serer people,[1] is a traditional drum from Senegal that is also played in the Gambia. It is generally played with one hand and one stick. Among its most renowned exponents was the Senegalese musician Doudou N'Diaye Rose. The sabar was used to communicate with other villages. The different rhythms correspond to phrases and could be heard for over 15 kilometers.

Sabar is also recognized as the style of music played while using this drum.

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  1. ^ Master of Sabar From the Sine-Saloum (two Serer precolonial kingdoms: Kingdom of Sine and Kingdom of Saloum. It originated from Sine and entered Saloum. Wolof migrants to Serer Saloum picked it up from their. See Mbalax.

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