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Sabari Movie poster
Directed bySuresh
Produced bySalem Chandrasekharan
Written bySuresh,
Pattukottai Prabhakar (dialogues)
Pradeep Rawat
Music byMani Sharma
CinematographyY. N. Murali
Edited bySasikumar
Release date
  • 17 March 2007 (2007-03-17)
Running time
167 minutes

Sabari is a 2007 Tamil action film directed by Suresh. It stars Vijayakanth as the titular character in the lead role, while Malavika, Jyothirmayi, and Pradeep Rawat play supporting roles. Shooting for the film was done at various locations in India, including Chennai, Pondicherry and Rameswaram. Songs for the film were shot at Hong Kong. The film released on 17 March 2007 to positive reviews. This movie was running 120 Days but it was an average hit at the box office.[1] It was later dubbed in Hindi as Hathiyaar.[2]


Sabarivasan (Vijayakanth) is a doctor by profession but could not tolerate injustice by any means. Nandhini (Jyothirmayi), a college student meets Sabari and falls in love with him, eventually the two get married. Vajravelu (Pradeep Rawat) is a local goon working for a minister (Mahadevan). Vajravelu’s nephew is arrested by police for a brutal murder. While trying to escape on the way to court, he gets shot by a policeman. Vajravelu’s henchmen takes Vajravelu’s nephew to Sabari, and threatens him to operate. Sabari operates and removes the bullet, but hits all the henchmen and produces Vajravelu’s nephew to police. Vajravelu’s nephew is sentenced to death penalty by the court and is hanged.

Vajravelu gets angry and vows to revenge. Vajravelu comes out in bail and kills Sabari’s father (Delhi Ganesh). He also kidnaps Nandhini. Sabari fights against Vajravelu and saves Nandhini. On the way back to hospital, Sabari is stabbed by Vajravelu’s wife (Aishwarya). Vajravelu and his men arrive and injures Sabari. They leave the place thinking Sabari is dead, but he is saved and admitted in a hospital. Knowing this, Vajravelu comes in search of Sabari. But Sabari fights them back and kills Vajravelu.



The film was launched at AVM Studios in 2006.[3] Shooting for the film was done at various locations in India including Chennai, Pondicherry and Rameswaram. Songs for the film were shot at Hong Kong.[4]


Soundtrack was composed by Mani Sharma.[5]

No. Song Singers Lyrics
1 Aalayamani Kalyani Menon Na. Muthukumar
2 Aavana Aakkana Tippu, Sujatha Mohan
3 Om Ennum Ranjith, Naveen, Rahul Nambiar
4 Orumurai Sonnal Naveen, Bhargavi
5 Osama Osama A. V. Ramanan, Ranjith, Naveen Kabilan

Critical reception[edit]

Indiaglitz wrote "It's Vijayakanth all the way who with his brainy and brawny ways restores order in the society".[6] Behindwoods wrote "All in all, disappointing is too kind a word to use for this kind of a movie. It is hard to imagine what the director, actor and producer had in mind when the movie was made."[7]