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Sabbas is a masculine given name.

Variant forms or transliterations include Saba, Sava, Savva, Savo and Sawa.

Notable people with this name[edit]

Saints in Christianity
  • Sabbas the Sanctified - Palestinian Monastic
  • Sabbas the Goth martyred 12 April, 372, by being drowned in the Musaeus, a tributary of the Danube
  • Sabbas Stratelates, also a Goth, martyred with about seventy others at Rome, under Aurelian
  • Julianus Sabbas, a hermit near Edessa, d. about 380
  • Sabbas the Younger, a Basilian abbot, 6 February, 990 or 991, at the monastery of St. Caesarius in Rome
  • Saint Sava, Archbishop of Serbia
Christian leaders of modern times
  • Sawa, Metropolitan of Warsaw and all Poland, leader of the Polish Orthodox Church.
  • Savas, Metropolitan of Pittsburgh

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