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Sabbas is a Greek masculine given name, derived from the Hebrew and Aramaic Sava, meaning grandfather, revered elder, or old man.

Variant forms or transliterations include Saba, Sava, Savva, Savo and Sawa.

Notable people with this name[edit]

Saints in Christianity
  • Sabbas the Sanctified - Palestinian Monastic
  • Sabbas the Goth martyred 12 April, 372, by being drowned in the Musaeus, a tributary of the Danube
  • Sabbas Stratelates, also a Goth, martyred with about seventy others at Rome, under Aurelian
  • Julianus Sabbas, a hermit near Edessa, d. about 380
  • Sabbas the Younger, a Basilian abbot, 6 February, 990 or 991, at the monastery of St. Caesarius in Rome
  • Saint Sava, Archbishop of Serbia
Christian leaders of modern times
  • Sawa, Metropolitan of Warsaw and all Poland, leader of the Polish Orthodox Church.
  • Savas, Metropolitan of Pittsburgh

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