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Dr. Sabeel Ahmed is a suspect arrested after the 2007 Glasgow Airport attack. He was married to Sarah Fatima, his distant relative, on 21 July 2010 and now resides in Hafoof, Saudi Arabia and practises medicine there. He studied at the Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College - an affiliated college of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences between 1998 and 2003 and completed his internship in 2003-2004, moving to the UK in November 2004 to pursue higher studies.[1] He is not the same Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, who resides in Chicago for the last 30 years and is active in interfaith, outreach and relief work and is the director of

Dr. Ahmed is the brother of Kafeel Ahmed,[2] who was also arrested in the aftermath of the attack, and has been variously reported as the second cousin,[3] uncle,[4] or brother[5] of Dr. Mohammed Haneef, with whom he studied medicine in Bangalore, and who was arrested at the Brisbane Airport on 2 July 2007. Dr Mohamed Haneef is a second cousin of Dr Sabeel as their grandparents are brother and sister.[6] He was immobilized with a Taser at the time of his arrest.[citation needed]

Dr. Ahmed was alleged to have been given Dr. Haneef's British mobile phone SIM card when the latter left Britain last year to take a job at the Gold Coast Hospital in Queensland, Australia.;[7] but this allegation has since been dropped.[citation needed] He is reported to have applied for medical positions in Western Australia in 2005, but was rejected after officials because of concerns over their qualifications and references.[8][9] He was a member of the Tablighi Jamaat missionary sect.[10]

On 14 July 2007, British police charged Sabeel Ahmed with failing to disclose information that could have prevented an act of terrorism.[11]


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