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Sabertooth Games
Industry Collectible card game
Founded 2001
Headquarters Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Number of employees
Parent Games Workshop
Website[dead link]

Sabertooth Games (STG) is a now defunct Memphis, Tennessee based game company, founded in 2001. The company primarily produced collectible card games as a subsidiary of Games Workshop, PLC. Sabertooth Games was considered a "sister company" of the other divisions in BL Publishing.


Sabertooth Games was a small company which primarily targeted hobby stores, rather than attempting to sell through standard mass-market channels.[1] The company's mission statement from CEO Stephen Horvath emphasizes that this focus benefited and helped to support such smaller retailers.[2] In an interview with GameSpy, Horvath notes that the company encourages players to "buy the game where you play the game."[3] Towards this end, the company often sponsors events and provides free promotional cards at local stores.[4]

The games produced by Sabertooth Games made use of existing game licenses or intellectual property. Traditionally, these games were based on other board game or role-playing game properties, such as the Warhammer 40,000 universe. However, with the introduction of the Universal Fighting System in 2006, the company expanded into the area of video game properties, partnering with Capcom, Namco, and others.[5]

In early 2008, following the financial difficulties of Games Workshop, a number of Sabertooth Games' assets, including the Universal Fighting System, were sold to Fantasy Flight Games, along with licenses for board games.[6]


The company produced and sold the following collectible card game products:

Each of these products includes several different sets or expansions, and new expansions continued to be released on an ongoing basis (for at least several of these) in order to maintain consumer interest. Previously published games which are now out-of-print include Horus Heresy and the Warhammer 40,000 Collectible Card Game.

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