Sabi (Korea)

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Hangul 사비
Hanja 泗沘
Revised Romanization Sabi
McCune–Reischauer Sabi

Sabi was the capital of the Korean kingdom of Baekje from 538 until Baekje's fall to Silla in 660. The site of Sabi is located in modern-day Buyeo County,[1] South Chungcheong Province, in South Korea.

Sabi Fortress also is known by the names Busosanseong, Sabiseong or Soburiseong Fortress,[1] it consists of the inner fortress divided by roads centered on the royal palace,[2] a defensive fortress called "Buso Mountain Fortress", and outer walls surrounding the palace. The inner part of the fortress involves 5 district area,[3] where the existence of district was verified through rocks, roof titles, and wooden tablets etched with the name of administratine areas. It is also assumed that the royal palace of Baekje had been located on this site.



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