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Sabina Berman.

Sabina Berman Goldberg is a Mexican playwright, storyteller, essayist, and film and theater director. Her work deals mainly with the issue of diversity (human and animal) and its obstacles: the striving for domination, with its derivatives (authoritarianism, violence, discrimination). Her style features humor and irony, the distrust of all official discourse, subversion, the need to go beyond both sexual and theatrical boundaries, and the use of language itself.[1] She is a four-time winner of the National Playwriting Award in Mexico (Premio Nacional de Dramaturgia en México)[citation needed] and the Juan Ruiz de Alarcon Award (Premio Juan Ruiz de Alarcón)[2] She has twice won the National Journalism Award (Premio Nacional de Periodismo), in 1999 and 2007. Her plays have been staged in the Americas, and her novel Me (La mujer que buceó en el corazón del mundo)[3] (Moi in French) has been translated into 11 languages and published in 33 countries.


Sabina Berman Goldberg was born on August 21, 1955 in Mexico City, Mexico where she currently resides. She was born into an Eastern European Jewish family, the third or fourth child and daughter of Enrique Berman, who emigrated during the government of President Lazaro Cárdenas and was established in Mexico, becoming a major industrial and the psychoanalyst Raquel Goldberg.[4]

She studied Mexican literature and psychology at the Universidad Iberoamericana.[5] She was trained in the theatrical arts.

In 1995, she was co-director of the film Between Pancho Villa and a naked woman, with Isabelle Tardan. She also wrote and co-produced the film Backyard, which represented Mexico at the 2010 Oscars.

Among other successes are the plays Between Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman, Moliere, Freud Skating, eXtras. These have been staged in Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Canada and United States.

Recently, she wrote the film The History of Love for Alfonso Cuarón and Light for Alejandro González Iñarritu.

Her most recent novel Me (La mujer que buceó dentro del corazón del mundo –original title- and Moi in French) has been published in 11 languages in over 33 countries, including Spain, France, USA, England and Israel. It addresses the issue of the relationship of species, particularly the relationship between humans and species that do not use verbal language.

Currently she is the host of the television show Sha la lá, a weekly TV series of interviews with artists, politicians, scientists and literary figures in Mexico, broadcast on Televisión Azteca, on Channel 13.

List of works[edit]

La mujer que buceó dentro del corazón del mundo [Me, The Woman Who Dove into the Heart of the World] (2010)

Feliz nuevo siglo doktor Freud [Freud skating] (2002)

Molière [Molière] (2000)

Mujeres y poder, cowritten with Denise Maerker [Women and power] (2000)

La grieta [The crack] (1999)

La bobe [The grandmother] (1997)

Amante de lo ajeno (1997)

Berman (1995)

Un grano de arroz [A grain of rice] (1995)

Entre Villa y una mujer desnuda [Between Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman] (1995)

Volar [Fly] (1993)

En el nombre de Dios [In the name of God], work published in the magazine Tramoya (1993)

Articles and short stories in the newspaper La Jornada (1992)

Volar [Fly], 4th Edition, cowritten with José Gordon (1992)

La grieta [The crack], work published in the magazine Tramoya (1992)

La bobe [The grandmother], 3rd Edition (1991)

La bobe [The grandmother] (1990)

Volar [Fly], 3rd Edition (1990)

Lunas [Moons], narrative poetry, 2nd Edition (1989)

Muerte súbita [Sudden death] (1989)

Lunas [Moons], narrative poetry (1988)

Volar [Fly], cowritten with José Gordon (1987)

Teatro de Sabina Berman [Sabina Berman’s teathre] (1985)

La maravillosa historia de Chiquito Pingüica [The wonderful story of Chiquito Pingüica], in the anthology The Noah’s Ark [El arca de Noé] of Emilio Carballido (1984)

Rompecabezas [Puzzle] (1982)


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