Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo León

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City of Sabinas Hidalgo

Coat of arms of the Municipality of Sabinas Hidalgo
Motto: Noble Pasado, Fecundo Porvenir
("Noble past, fecund future")
Sabinas Hidalgo
in Nuevo León state.
Foundation date July 25, 1693
Population 32 040 (2005)
Population density 19.28/km² (2005)
Altitude 313 meters
Coordinates 26°30′N 100°11′W / 26.500°N 100.183°W / 26.500; -100.183Coordinates: 26°30′N 100°11′W / 26.500°N 100.183°W / 26.500; -100.183
UTC - 6 hours(Central)
Telephone code number 824
Sources: INEGI,
Enciclopedia de los Municipios de México,)

Sabinas Hidalgo is a city and municipality located at the Mexican state of Nuevo León.


The town was founded as Real de Santiago de las Sabinas on July 25, 1693 by General Ignacio de Maya, but it was lived in its location since 1692.

It was named, Villa de Sabinas Hidalgo in honor of Miguel Hidalgo, the Mexican independence war starter. In 1971, it became a city.

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