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Sabine Bohlmann (2016)

Sabine Bohlmann (born 5 March 1969 in Munich, Bavaria, West Germany) is a German actress and dub voice actor, perhaps most famous as the German voice of Lisa and Maggie Simpson on The Simpsons.[1]

Bohlmann is most active in dubbing children's television. In the 1980s and 1990s, there was hardly any dubbed children's show, in which she was not to be heard at least as a "guest voice". Due to her very high and soft voice she is often used to dub young children and teenagers. Bohlmann also works as a writer, and has written six books.[2]


  • Mit Leib und Seele (with belly and soul) (1989)
  • Vera Wesskamp (1992)
  • Happy Holiday (1994)
  • Hotel Mama - Die Rückkehr der Kinder (Hotel mom - The return of the children) (1997)
  • Our Charly (Unser Charly) (1999)
  • Marienhof (1992–1997, 2000–2004)

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