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Sabine Herold

Sabine Herold (born 8 July 1981) is a French classical liberal activist and main spokeswoman of Alternative libérale, a French liberal/libertarian political party.


Herold was born in Reims, France. Her parents are both teachers. She is an alumna in public administration from the Institut d'études politiques de Paris and a master of business from HEC Paris. Since 2002, she has been the editor and spokeswoman of Liberté chérie (Beloved Freedom), a French libertarian think tank. Sabine Herold became known in 2003 when she led an 80,000 member protest advocating reforms in France and demanding a responsible attitude from trade unions. Her stand against the unions led to her being described as the 'new Joan of Arc'.[1]

She has often reflected upon the policy implemented by the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and is commonly called "Mademoiselle Thatcher" by newspapers,[2] a comparison that she considers to be a compliment.[3]

She married fellow Alternative libérale leader Édouard Fillias in September 2006. She was a candidate for the 2007 parliamentary elections in Paris against conservative Françoise de Panafieu.[2]


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