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Sabine Römer is a jewellery designer and sculptor. She is the co-founder and Creative Director of the jewelry brand Atelier Romy.[1]


Born and raised in (Germany) in 1980, Römer started creating jewellery and sculptures out of precious metal and gemstones at the age of 15. She graduated as one of the youngest-ever Masters from Germany's Pforzheim Goldsmith and Watchmaker School.[2] There, Römer mastered a wide range of jewellery-making techniques, including stone cutting, carving, stonesetting, design and gemmology.


In 2004, Römer started to work for British jeweller Stephen Webster[3] in London.

In 2007, she founded Sabine Roemer Ltd.[4]

Römer, along with partner Hermione Underwood, co-founded the London jewellery line Atelier Romy.[2]


Römer collaborated with the Nelson Mandela Foundation creating jewellery sculptures to be auctioned off at the star-studded Mandela Day charity gala events.

In 2009, Morgan Freeman bought Römer's jewelled sculpture of Nelson Mandela's hand, named "Masincedane", which means ‘the hand that helps others’.

In 2010 Freeman commissioned Römer to create a diamond and emerald-encrusted version of the 46664 Bangle.[5] The actor wore the bracelet to the Academy Awards as a nominee for his role in the film, Invictus, before it was finally auctioned off at the South Africa Football World Cup.

For Elephant Parade, the world's largest open-air art exhibition to save the Asian Elephant, Römer created three life-size art elephants: Emerald Queen (London, 2010),[6] Madonnina (Milan, 2011) and Pretty & Pink (Singapore, 2012).[7] Part of all auction proceeds of the statues go to charity.

In 2010 Römer and Anna Haber collaborated with the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert to create a collection out of locally-sourced materials.[8]


Römer won the Tanzanite 2006 Celebration of Life jewellery design award.[citation needed]

Römer is part of the Hot 100 professional jewellers and one of the 17 trendsetters for 2010.[9]

Römer was nominated for the Jewellery Designer of the Year category at the UK Jewellery Awards 2010.[citation needed]


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