Sabino Fernández Campo, 1st Count of Latores

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Bronze statue of Fernandez in the Paseo de los Alamos Field, San Francisco (Oviedo

Don Sabino Fernández Campo (March 17, 1918, Oviedo - October 26, 2009, Madrid) was chief of the Spanish Royal House and a key figure during the failed 23-F coup d'état in 1981.[1]

On 30 April 1992 Fernández was raised into the Spanish nobility by Royal decree of King Juan Carlos I and was given the hereditary title conde de Latores (English: Count of Latores), together with the dignity Grande de España (English: Grandee of Spain). After his death in 2009 his daughter María Elena Fernández inherited the titles.


Coat of Arms of the Count of Latores (G.E.)


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