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Sabir Zafar is a leading poet and lyricist in Pakistan. He has written songs for many Pakistani films, singers such as Nazia Hasan, Sajjad Ali, Ali Azmat and his band Junoon, as well as many successful TV drama serials. He was awarded a Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Medal of Excellence) by the Government of Pakistan in 2010.[1][2]

Early life and career[edit]

Sabi Zafar was born as Muzaffar Ahmed in Kahuta, Rawalpindi District on 12 September 1949 to a school teacher.[3][1]

Sabir Zafar worked with the Press Information Department of the Government of Sindh. He started writing poetry in 1968. He thinks that he should stay in touch with reality and his poetry should also be based on real-life issues and problems of daily life.[1]

Sabir Zafar believes Sufism mellows a person and makes him tolerant of other peoples' views.[1]


Junoon (band)[edit]

  • "Azadi"
  • "Baarish"
  • "Chaen"
  • "Chalay Thay Saath"
  • "Chal Kuriye"
  • "Dewaar"
  • "Dharti Keh Khuda"
  • "Dil Nahin Lag Raha"
  • "Dosti"
  • "Garaj Baras"
  • "Ghoom Taana"
  • "Heeray"
  • "Hungama"
  • "Husan Walo"
  • "Ishq",
  • "Janey Tu"
  • "Jhulle Lal"
  • "Kaisay Gaaon Main"
  • "Kisne Suna"
  • "Kyun Parishan"
  • "Lal Meri Pat"
  • "Loishay"
  • "Mahiwal"
  • "Maza Zindagi Ka"
  • "Meri Awaaz Suno"
  • "Mitti"
  • "Mukh Gae"
  • "Pappu Yaar"
  • "Pyar Bina"
  • "Rondé Naina"
  • "Saeein Alaap"
  • "Sanwal"
  • "Sapnay"
  • "Sayonee"
  • "Shamein"
  • "Sheena"
  • "Sheeshay Kay Ghar"
  • "Taara Jala"
  • "Wahda Hoo"
  • "Zamane Ke Andaz" (partially)



Zafar has penned the lyrics to the following title songs:

Bollywood Films[edit]

Other songs[edit]


  • Lahu Tarang (a collection of folktales of all the four provinces of Pakistan in Urdu language)[1]

Awards and recognition[edit]


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