Sabirabad District

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Map of Azerbaijan showing Sabirabad Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Sabirabad Rayon
Country Azerbaijan
Capital Sabirabad
 • Total 1,470 km2 (570 sq mi)
Population (2011)[2][3]
 • Total 155,400
Telephone code 0143

Sabirabad is a rayon of Azerbaijan whose capital which lies at the junction of the Araz and Kura rivers. The low-lying area is dependent on canals and dams whose damage during 2010 caused waters from Lake Sarisu to flood several of the region's villages.[4][5]


The rayon is located in the south of Mugan plain.[6] Rayon borders upon Kurdamir Rayon in the north for a distance of 30 km, Shamakhi Rayon in the north-west for a distance of 5 km, Shirvan city in the south for a distance of 24 km, Salyan Rayon in the south-west for a distance of 48 km, Bilasuvar Rayon in the south for a distance of 18 km, Saatly Rayon in the east for a distance of 136 km and Imishli Rayon for a distance of 8 km. Its length from the north to the south is 66 km, and from the east to the west is 24 km. A part of the rayon’s territory is on the right coast of the Kura River, in Shirvan plain.[7]


The area of Sabirabad is rich with ancient monuments and settlements. As a result of the excavation in the district, ancient necropolis as well as settlements which belong to V-I, V-II, and I B.C were found in Surra, Javad, Abdulyan, Garatepe, Guruzma, Garagashil, Bulagli, Zangana and Galagayin. Materials which were found in “Shahargah” place of the village show that the ancient findings belong to 11th-12th centuries. Historically, some nations attacked Mughan lands known as “Khaver zemin”, “Guneshli land”. However, all those pressures were overcome. Since that time, “Khaver Zamin” replaced with Galagayin. Currently, Sabirabad district has Galagayin village.

The biggest village of the district is Javad which has been a historical city. Javad has been a center of Javad Khanlig. Javad became part of Guba Khanlig in 1768. When Azerbaijan became part of Russia, a number of Russians were settled in Javad. The district was named Petropavlovka in 1988.

On October 7 1931, Petropavlokva was renamed after famous Azerbaijani satirical poet M.A.Sabir with the decree of Azerbaijan Central Executive Committee. Since 1959 the district has been called Sabirabad.


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Coordinates: 40°0′N 48°36′E / 40.000°N 48.600°E / 40.000; 48.600