Sabirabad District

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Map of Azerbaijan showing Sabirabad Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Sabirabad Rayon
Country Azerbaijan
Capital Sabirabad
 • Total 1,470 km2 (570 sq mi)
Population (2011)[2][3]
 • Total 155,400
Telephone code 0143

Sabirabad is a rayon of Azerbaijan whose capital, the city of Sabirabad, lies at the junction of the Araz and Kura rivers. The low-lying area is dependent on canals and dams whose damage during 2010 caused waters from Lake Sarisu to flood several of the region's villages.[4][5]


The rayon is located in the south of Mugan plain.[6] Rayon borders upon Kurdamir Rayon in the north for a distance of 30 km, Shamakhi Rayon in the north-west for a distance of 5 km, Shirvan city in the south for a distance of 24 km, Salyan Rayon in the south-west for a distance of 48 km, Bilasuvar Rayon in the south for a distance of 18 km, Saatly Rayon in the east for a distance of 136 km and Imishli Rayon for a distance of 8 km. Its length from the north to the south is 66 km, and from the east to the west is 24 km. A part of the rayon’s territory is on the right coast of the Kura River, in Shirvan plain.[7]


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Coordinates: 40°0′N 48°36′E / 40.000°N 48.600°E / 40.000; 48.600