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Sablatnig Flugzeugbau GmbH, Sablatnig Commercial Aeroplane, Sablatnig-Eindecker
Industry Aircraft production
Founded October 1915 [1]
Key people
Dr Josef Sablatnig

Sablatnig was a German aircraft manufacturer and airline.[2][3] After the conclusion of World War I, in August 1919 Sablatnig offered government subsidised services between Berlin and Bremen using its Sablatnig P.III commercial biplanes in conjunction with Norddeutscher Lloyd.[4]


Summary of aircraft built by Sablatnig
Model name First flight Number built Type
Sablatnig SF-1 1915 1 Navy Recon
Sablatnig SF-2 1916 26 Recon
Sablatnig SF-5 1917 91 Recon
Sablatnig SF-8 1918 3 Recon
Sablatnig C.I 1917 2 Recon
Sablatnig N.I 1918 1 Bomber
Sablatnig P.III 1919 40 Commercial airplane


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