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Sabli is a medium-sized village situated in Hapur with a population of about 12,000 and noted for a 'Lord Shiva' temple situated in it. It is quite attached with the town 'Hapur' and is nowadays at a developing stage by the projects introduced by HPDA (Hapur Pilkhuwa Development Authority).


Shivling Situated at Temple of Sabli

According to Indian Mythology, Lord Shiva is praised by a Statue/Sculpture called 'Shivling'. In 'Sabli', there is a Lord Shiva temple which is praised by most of the public of Hapur and nearby areas because of the believes that the area of temple used to be a farm (long years ago) where a 'Shivling' was founded inside the ground during harvesting by the farmer. People believe that the 'Shivling' got buried under the ground long years ago. Many people come here and pray for there bright fortune on every Monday (The Day Of Lord Shiva according to Indian Mythology). It observed and believed that the 'Shivling' rises a bit upwards, every year. People here also believe that the wishes they ask in the temple for, by the true heart, are fulfilled by the Lord Shiva.

Coordinates: 23°52′N 73°34′E / 23.867°N 73.567°E / 23.867; 73.567