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Sabot may refer to:

  • A sabot, a device used in a firearm or cannon to fire a projectile that is smaller than the bore diameter or which must be held in a precise position
  • A sabot, also called a battery stub case, a device used to make a small electrical battery usable in a battery compartment designed to hold a larger battery; see Sabot
  • A sabot (shoe), also called a clog, a wooden shoe; see Clog (shoe). This definition is believed to be the source of the word sabotage.
  • Sabot (dinghy), a type of sailing boat.
  • Naples Sabot, a small sailing boat based on the Sabot design.
  • USS Sabot (SP-213), a motorboat the United States Navy acquired in 1917 for use as a patrol vessel but never placed in service