Saboteur (1999 video game)

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Developer(s) Pumpkin Studios, Tigon
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
Platform(s) PlayStation, Windows
Release Cancelled
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player

Saboteur was a single-player action game that was set to be released in 1999. Originally developed by Tigon Studios, the project was later handed down to Pumpkin Studios, developers of Warzone 2100. However, the project did not remain in the hands of Pumpkin Studios for long. Eidos Interactive, Saboteur's publishing company, cancelled the project with the decision to abandon the PlayStation market for the next generation of consoles. This decision cancelled Saboteur and lack of funds forced Pumpkin Studios into shutting down operations.[1]


The protagonist of Saboteur is a young ninja named Shin. Shin's sister has been abducted by CyberGen Corporation, a monolithic corporation in the game's contemporary Japan setting. With his pet dog, Shiro, Shin plans to rescue his sister and exact his revenge on CyberGen.


Saboteur was a third-person action game with stealth elements. Shin relies greatly on sneaking in the shadows, and avoiding his enemies. However, in combat, Shin can use a wide variety of weapons including shuriken, bombs, and his trusted katana. Shin does not use any firearms in the game. Shin's most reliable weapon is Shiro, his dog. During play, specific orders can be given to Shiro, who automatically follows Shin, and attacks without having to be commanded. Also, Shiro can assist in stealth areas by acting as a lookout without alerting the enemy. Commanding Shiro in-game is as simple as holding L1 and scrolling through the command options.[2]


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