Sabra Williams

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Sabra Williams
Sabra Williams Picture.jpg
Born Sabra Williams
London, England
Occupation Actress and presenter

Sabra Williams is a British actress and presenter.


Williams was born in London to parents of British, Russian, Romanian, Guyanese and Carib descent.

Early career[edit]

Williams started performing at the age of three and became a professional dancer and actress. She starred in several British films, including 'Steffi' in Thin Ice[1] with Ian McKellen and James Dreyfuss, and was a regular face in many British television series including an appearance as Lise Yates [2] in episode "Thanks for the Memory" of the sci-fi comedy, Red Dwarf.[3]


Williams was cast at a very young age as a lead presenter/actress in the top rated live TV show, Ghost Train [1]. After numerous shows and engagements, including the position of Moderator for BAFTA, WGA and SAG,[4] Williams most recently hosted On The Bench on Setanta Sports.

Los Angeles[edit]

Williams has been a member of the Actors' Gang [5] (Artistic Dir.Tim Robbins), leading in several shows including Molière's Tartuffe [6] and appeared in the ABC series, In Justice,[7] playing Sondra, Kyle MacLachlan's love interest, Mission Impossible 3 [8] opposite Tom Cruise as 'Annie Miller', and Nip/Tuck [9] among other notable roles.


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