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Sabre Defence Industries (LLC) was an American manufacturer of firearms and firearm parts and accessories. It was contracted by the United States armed forces for parts and mounts for the M2 Browning machine gun and Minigun.[1] In addition to its government contracts, it produced the XR15, non-standard M4 Carbines, and non-standard M16A4s. The company was raided in 2010 by the BATF, which in 2011 indicted company owner Guy Savage and four company officials on charges related to unauthorized exports of AR-15 parts to the sister company Sabre Defence Industries Inc. in the United Kingdom, and importing suppressors from Finland without the appropriate permits.[2][3] The four officials have pleaded guilty to violating the appropriate laws.[3] SDI's assets were bought by Manroy USA for $4.95 million in a bankruptcy court sale.[2]

Its website now lists the company as out of business (March 2013).


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