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Sabri Hamadé.
Hamadé with Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in Cairo, 1968

Sabri Hamadeh (1902-1976) (Arabic: صبري حماده‎‎) was a Lebanese politician and long-time Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament.

Sabri Hamadeh also written as Sabri Hamadé (preferred French transliteration) or Hamada served as a pioneer in the Lebanese Independence. He worked with the government at that time, including Riad El Solh, the prime minister, and Bechara El Khoury, the president. He also signed the first official Lebanese flag of independence

He served as Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament for five terms:

  • 21 July 1943 to 22 October 1946
  • 9 June 1947 to 20 May 1950
  • 20 October 1959 to 8 May 1964
  • 20 October 1964 to 9 May 1968
  • 22 October 1968 to 20 October 1970

He played a very crucial role during the Lebanese presidential election held on August 17, 1970. There were three rounds of elections in the Lebanese Parliament that year resided by Sabri Hamadeh. In the third decisive round, and out of a total of 99 possible votes, presidential candidate and MP Suleiman Frangieh received 50 votes against 49 to rival the ruling Shihabist candidate Elias Sarkis, a non-MP. Speaker Sabri Hamadeh, refused to announce the election of a President on a 1-vote difference, particularly as this was Frangieh's own decisive vote as a Member of Parliament in his own favor. As Hamadeh, an ally of the Shehabis, exited parliament in protest, Michel Sassine, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, stepped up and exercised his powers of Deputy Speaker to announce Frangieh as legally elected President.[1] Hamadeh's term ended on 20 October 1970 after Frangieh was sworn as President 23 September 1970. Hamadeh was replaced by Kamel Asaad as Speaker of Parliament.


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