Sabula Rail Bridge

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Sabula Rail Bridge
Sabula Rail Bridge.jpg
Rail Bridge and Sabula, Iowa
Coordinates42°03′51″N 90°09′58″W / 42.06417°N 90.16611°W / 42.06417; -90.16611Coordinates: 42°03′51″N 90°09′58″W / 42.06417°N 90.16611°W / 42.06417; -90.16611
CarriesSingle railroad track
CrossesMississippi River
LocaleSabula, Iowa and Savanna, Illinois
DesignSteel truss bridge with swing span

The Sabula Rail Bridge is a swing bridge that carries a single rail line across the Mississippi River between the island town of Sabula, Iowa and Savanna, Illinois. Originally built for the Milwaukee Road, and subsequently owned by the Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad, the bridge is operational and is currently owned by Canadian Pacific Railway.

2014 Barge Accident[edit]

On April 8, 2014 the Sabula Railway bridge was struck by the Marquette Transportation Barge Wisconsin. No one was injured. The Sabula Fire Department was called alongside the Sabula ambulance crew to search for a missing bargeman but he was later found on the barge unharmed. The protective wooden barrier was almost completely destroyed by the barge. The incident as of the day of the accident was investigated by the U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Pacific Railway Police with assistance by the Sabula Fire Department who provided their rescue boat as transportation until additional boats arrived. As of 2015 the bridge has been completely repaired.

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