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Saburtalo Line
Sadguris Moedani II
Teknikuri Universiteti
Sameditsino Universiteti
Sakhelmtsipo Universiteti
(under construction)

The Saburtalo Line (Georgian: საბურთალოს ხაზი) is a line of the Tbilisi Metro in Georgia. The line was first opened in 1979 and has since extended to western residential districts of the city.


Segment Date opened
Vagzlis Moedani-Delisi September 22, 1979
Delisi-Vazha Pshavela April 3, 2000

Name changes[edit]

Station Previous name(s) Years
Sameditsino Instituti Komkavshiri 1979–1992
Viktor Gotsiridze Delisi 1979–1992
Delisi Viktor Gotsiridze 1992–2006


# Transfer to At
1 Gldani-Varketili Line Station Square

Rolling stock[edit]

The line is served by the Gldani depot (№2), currently 9 three carriage trains are assigned to it. All are the 81-714/717 versions with .5 and .5M modifications

Recent developments and future plans[edit]

The line is extending to the west and some of the construction sites that have been derelict since Soviet times have recently been restarted. Construction of the State University station (Sakhelmtsipo Universiteti), which dates back to the Soviet era and was suspended for 22 years, was restarted in July 2015 and is scheduled to be completed by May 2017.[1] In perspective the line might continue to the east.

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