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Sacajawea (novel)

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Author Anne Lee Waldo
Genre Historical fiction
Publisher Avon Books
Publication date
Pages 1300+
ISBN 978-0-380-84293-3
OCLC 10971067

Sacajawea is a massive (over 1300 pages) historical fiction novel about the life of Sacajawea, noted Shoshone Indian travel guide of Lewis and Clark. It was written by Anna Lee Waldo and published in 1978. It took Waldo ten years to research and write the novel. Sacajawea is Waldo's first book.

Plagiarism Case

In the early 1980s, author Benjamin Capps sued Anna Lee Waldo and her publisher, Avon Books, for copyright infringement of parts of several of his works that were used in Sacajawea. A settlement was finalized in June 1983, whereby Capps agreed not to publicize the case. His personal plagiarism case files contain the statement that the case, in Capps’ own words, was "the most outrageous case of plagiarism in the history of this country”.[1]


Sacajawea (Expanded and Revised), Avon Books, ISBN 978-0-380-84293-3


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