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Saccharina latissima.jpg
Saccharina latissima
Scientific classification
(unranked): SAR
Superphylum: Heterokonta
Class: Phaeophyceae
Order: Laminariales
Family: Laminariaceae
Genus: Saccharina
Type species
Saccharina plana Stackh.
= Saccharina latissima (L.) C.E. Lane et al.

20 species; see text

Saccharina is a genus of 20 species of Phaeophyceae (brown algae). It is found in the north Atlantic Ocean and the northern Pacific Ocean at depths from 8 m to 30 m (exceptionally to 120 m in the warmer waters of the Mediterranean Sea and off Brazil).[1]

The commercially important species Saccharina japonica (Laminaria japonica) is cultivated as kombu, a popular food in Japan.[2]


The following is a list of the 20 species of Saccharina:[3][4]


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