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In kabbalistic and Christian angelology, Sachiel is an archangel of the order of Cherubim. The meaning of his name is given as "the covering of God" [1] and he is associated with the Zodiacal sign Sagittarius,[2] the weekday Thursday, wealth and charity.[1] While in most sources Sachiel presides over Thursday, others do assign him to Monday or Friday.[3][citation needed] All associate him with the planet Jupiter; as such, in new age angel lore he can be invoked for matters involving money, finance, law, politics, and religion.[4] His sigil appears in Francis Barrett's The Magus, an early nineteenth century compendium of occult lore. It also appears in the 16th century treatise, The Complete Book of Magic Science.

In popular culture[edit]

In the Japanese anime franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion, a giant monster of the same name, belonging to the race known as the Angels, appears in the first two episodes of the anime series.


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