Sachigo River

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Sachigo River
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Northwestern Ontario
District Kenora
Part of Hudson Bay drainage basin
 - left Beaver Stone River, Thorne River, Sherman River
 - right Wapaseese River, Morrison River, Rottenfish River
Source Broadside Lake
 - elevation 272 m (892 ft)
 - coordinates 53°37′10″N 92°38′19″W / 53.61944°N 92.63861°W / 53.61944; -92.63861
Mouth Severn River
 - elevation 75 m (246 ft)
 - coordinates 55°04′33″N 88°59′02″W / 55.07583°N 88.98389°W / 55.07583; -88.98389Coordinates: 55°04′33″N 88°59′02″W / 55.07583°N 88.98389°W / 55.07583; -88.98389
Length 380 km (236 mi)
Discharge for Sachigo River below Beaverstone River[1]
 - average 144.25 m3/s (5,094 cu ft/s)
 - max 191.53 m3/s (6,764 cu ft/s)
 - min 104.70 m3/s (3,697 cu ft/s)
Location of the mouth of the Sachigo River in Ontario

The Sachigo River is a river in the Hudson Bay drainage basin in Kenora District in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. It is a tributary of the Severn River.


The Sachigo River begins at Broadside Lake and flows northeast through Pasateko Lake, past the Sachigo Hills, to Sachigo Lake, the location of the Sachigo Lake First Nation and the Sachigo Lake Airport, and where it takes in the right tributary Morrison River. It then heads north, past the Wetiko Hills, to Little Sachigo Lake, exits the lake east and heads once again northeast. The river divides into two branches, takes in the Sherman River on the left branch, then recombines. It continues northeast to reach its mouth at the Severn River, which flows to Hudson Bay.


  • Beaver Stone River (left)
  • Wapaseese River (right)
  • Thorne River (left)
  • Sherman River (left)
  • Sachigo Lake
    • Morrison River (right)
  • Rottenfish River (right)

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